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A student-led committee that represents, promotes and features 
the Science & Technology Regional Program at Chinguacousy Secondary School.


What does STAC do for the SciTech Program?

STAC is a student-led committee which aims to promote the SciTech regional program at Chinguacousy Secondary School. STAC manages aspects of the SciTech program and organizes events in the interests of students and the future students attending the program. 

What can students expect from the SciTech Program?

The SciTech program allows students to learn with like-minded individuals who are passionate about science and technology. They will experience how global problems can be solved with the use of the STEAM academic platform. The entire SciTech curriculum is based on a "HANDS-ON, MINDS-ON' philosophy. Students will develop technological knowledge and gain critical thinking, leadership and collaboration skills.

How do I apply to become a part of the SciTech Program

All regional program applications are only accessible on the PDSB Regional Programs website. A non-refundable fee of $40 is required. The application will ask for contact information, OEN, and student number. Students outside of Peel will need to submit hard copies of their Grade 7 and 8 report cards. 

      How is SciTech different from regular highschool?

The SciTech program focuses on the science and technology subject areas. Students use their theoretical knowledge learned in science courses and apply it to their practical projects in technological courses. Additionally, students explore their own areas of interest by building and experimenting, and are provided with high tech facilities.

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